Beating depression, and my journey towards ascended blue ray spirituality.

This is my story of how I beat depression and my journey towards spirituality and connection to the universe.

I am a person who changes a lot and have been in and out of depression a lot in my life.
But I have noted times when I was extremely happy and when I was depressed I would reflect on the happy times and wonder why I was happy then and not now.

What it came down too every time was that when I was happy I was focusing entirely on what I loved and even at times I was doing things I had not done before like taking on a new job or course or I was living in a new place, so my mind wasn’t trying to influence the situation because it was new and I didn’t know what to expect and just let go and went with the flow.

After focusing on what I loved, and I have to stress that this means not focusing on money or consciously trying to progress up the social ladder or any other metaphorical ladder, if it is making you unhappy, just focusing and doing what you love and letting go and letting your feelings guide you. That people started to to warm to me more, my social circle automatically expanded, my diet naturally started to change and I started eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more tea, which I found increased compassion in my heart and I suppose this energy increased in my heart and moved up into the throat and I became more charismatic and communicative.

Every time I feel unhappy I just focus on what I love, which in my case is usually architecture, or a person I love.

The reasons I didn’t focus on what I loved in the past, was that i was exploring who I was and got lost along the way, I was either focusing on trying to make money or get a better job, which in the end didn’t make me happy. I had to give up these things regardless of what people said or how I would look and I found once I let go and loved again, I gradually became happy again and found that my life became better.

I started to see better opportunities for me beyond what society defined for me.
I found that the people I loved also brought up painful memories from the past and I found it difficult to envision a life with them, so I tried to have relationships with people who were different from my loved ones.

But I found that this didn’t work out. In the end I had to forgive those who hurt me and focus on loving them again.
This has worked for me in the past and has lifted me out of depression and into a very happy life, where I found that everything worked out for me.

I found that once you have compassion In your heart the answers to life’s challenges come to you.

But now since 2012 my life took a new turn, I discovered that I might be an em-path and I am absorbing energy from everywhere and this is affecting my mood too.


Through out my life i have explored all avenues of help for my unhappiness Counselling, antidepressants, reiki etc, and couldn’t understand why I was still unhappy regardless of the changes I made, until I read a passage the prophet Muhammad wrote,

“that he felt negativity around people and felt more peace in a desert or a cave”.

As soon as I went out to the country side I found I became instantly happy, I also noted that on a years trip to Australia I developed an insatiable appetite for learning for six weeks and was convinced that when i came home to Ireland that I was going to study physics.

But when I got to Ireland I instantly became depressed and for years I was in that depressing mode until I remembered to do what I loved, but now it is different, since 2012 my mind and feelings are all over the place.

I have vivid dreams of prophets and monks which guide me to things they feel I need to know, that I can’t control my feelings like I used to and make my self happy, I’m now on a journey which I have to ride out.

On reflection of my journey to Australia and trying to contemplate why I had this unbelievable need to learn for the last six weeks of my trip.

I noted that I visited the blue mountains outside Sydney and that the reason they are called the blue mountains is that they influence the blue chakra which is either the throat or the mind, the mountains energy gave me an appetite to learn that I have never experienced before.

In 2012 I realized that I wasn’t only picking up energy from people or the nature, mountains etc. I was also picking up energy from the stars and planets as they passed by and this was why my dreams and feelings were coming to life.

I would like to note that the above solution for happiness may work for most people as it has worked for me in the past, but may not work for all.

Now in 2016 I feel like I am ascending into the throat or blue chakra as I regularly see blue dots while I am awake. I have also had dreams of a blue man talking about a political or propaganda campaign, which would refer to improved communication.


This is the reason it is said we are moving into the fifth world or fifth dimension as this refers to the fifth chakra which is the throat. This will spark more social, political and media competition between faiths and nations.

(Brexit, Trump wins U.S. Election etc).

Since the emergence of the fifth sun 3113 BC there has been a rise in social orders and great communicators like Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad etc, who have all been expressing gods word or the laws of the universe.

The sixth sun has been rising since 2012 and this will influence the sixth chakra, which is the mind and the bridge between the real world an the dreamworld. This will spark the rise of those who are more logically and rationally minded and we will see a gradual move towards technology and understanding of our dreams.

I would like to mention that the sequence of the colors of the chakra’s match that of the colors on the earth. The root colors are red or orange and this is the color of the earth on the ground, the vegetation is green or yellow, which match the solar plexus and heart chakra and then the blue chakra’s match the color of the sea or sky.
The reason I am noting that the earth and chakra color sequence is the same is that the clouds reside in the blue part of the earth (air or sky) and the reason it is said that the Christ will descend from the clouds or resides in the clouds is that it is referring to the blue chakra’s which are the throat or mind.

_47406475_nasaearth2_nasa_786chakra system

It is also worth noting that in the painting (the hand of God) painted by Michelangelo, that God seems to be floating in a cloud, and it has been noted that in this painting the cloud also may resemble a brain. But my point is that the brain and the cloud reflect the same thing, they both refer to the blue energy either within our energy centers ( throat or mind ) or on the earth (air or Sky).


( cloud computing refers to a series of computers as the brains of online storage )

This is the reason that many of the Angels take on the names of the Renaissance artists Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo etc. It refers to these artists influence and their communication with God or the higher self as they helped mankind understand the world around them.

The Hopi Indians reflect upon on a time where they will see a blue star in the sky, they call this star the blue kachina.
They see the emergence of the blue star as a sign that we are in the end times, but I wondered was the blue kachina in the sky at all, or wear they referring to the blue dots we see as we ascend into the blue chakra’s and that we may mistaken this blue dot for a blue star.
Does the emergence of the blue kachina refer to the ascension into the throat chakra and the reason the end time will come, is that our love is moving away from the pain we see in the real world and we are ascending and focusing our love on God or our twin flame.
Our twin flame is our other half and God is our higher self, so when we focus on our twin flame or God we are actually focusing on ourselves and our own lives, but while we ascend higher we will now share our compassion not from our hearts as we have being doing, but from our throats and we will begin to communicate much more effectively to the world the lessons it needs to learn.
Unfortunately If the world refuses to embrace the truth or learn these lessons, they are attracting negative situations into their lives and their lives will feel like and look like an apocalyptic seen from a horror film.


I find it interesting to note that Hindu’s and Hopi tribes are both referred to as Indian, and now the Hindu and Sanskrit texts prophecize that we will ascend into satya yuga or a golden age in 2016, as we ascend into heaven to communicate within the fifth chakra, our truth with God the blue ray or light.

Doctor Pillai, a renowned spiritual scientist, affirms the idea that God is the blue light.

I wonder why in the age of discovery, that Christopher Columbus referred to these two peoples as Indian, was it mere coincidence or was he reflecting upon the similarities between them.

Now i ask the question as to who is the blue ray in the air between these two races? who can see and speak both their truths?
Who are the great communicators, story tellers or socialites who communicate with Ra’s ray, O, Sirius, within the fifth sun, world or chakra.


Ascending towards the air or ray, airray or Eire, Torah or (to Rah) to see the truth.


(Torah – to ra, ar-ra, er-re or Eire)
(Arabian – aira being)
So watch the media or Mé Dia to see the skyfall on blue ray DVD, as we bond our 7 spiritual energy centers within the next 7 years and store our memories on Gods cloud computer, as we embrace the sixth sun (chakra).




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