The end

The Golden age

2008 was the beginning of the end According to Hindus.
The Kali Yuga, dark or Iron Age started to come to a close and a global financial crisis had begun.
2012 was the mid point of the end and we started to see the beginning of satya yuga, truth or golden age.

A lot of people who were connected spiritually would have noticed there dreams come to life more frequently at this time and would have been visited by prophetic figures, who would have guided them towards the truth.
It was the end of the Mayan calendar and perhaps the end of obsessing over material possessions and a gradual move towards spirituality.
In 2012 we started to reconnect with our spirit and automatically ascend spiritually.
In 2016 we should be fully embracing satya yuga and we should be starting to see and express some very significant truths.
I would like to note that the Christian novena starts on the 08th of October and ends on the 16th every year, which are the exact years Hindus predict we will notice our changing from Kali Yuga to satya yuga, is this a mere coincidence?

Also Jesus crucifixion starts at the lions gate in Jerusalem, which in astrological terms falls on 8th of August when we enter Leo the lion.
It was the 8/8/2015 and 2+0+1+5=8, so it was 888 and if you turn the eights on there side you get the mathematical symbol for infinity. Was this a time for triple infinity.
Does Jesus or do those who are spiritually compassionate die spiritually on 21/12/2012 and is Jesus due to be resurrected 3 days, months and years later on 24-25th in Easter 2016 or late 2015 early 2016?

Resulting in the final judgement where the wicked shall be punished and those who sacrificed themselves shall be rewarded in heaven.
There is much media trying to jump on the end of world band wagon and there has been numerous accounts trying to predict the end, but here are a few which I noticed might signal the end.
Back to the future 2 predicts 911 and now it’s producer releases a film called the walk which portrays its main character walking across the twin towers. Does the walking from one twin tower to the other signify a paradigm switch, perhaps a change in how we perceive things.

maxresdefault (1)

Also the film ghostbusters 2 predicts the end on 14th February 2016 and the film I am legend shows a billboard with batman vs superman being released when the apocalypse is here . Batman vs superman is being released on 25th March 2016.

The lyrics in Birdys song, keeping your head up sum things up “hold tight your slowly coming back to life”.

Keeping-Your-Head-Up-938x535 birdy-keeping-head-up

Also in Taylor Swifts song out of the woods, the song I think alludes to us coming out of a place where there was little light and now we’re moving to a better place with more light and less things tying us up.


Now Loreal have launched a new fragrance called golden age. I think it is quite fitting that they chose this name and we are expected to move into the golden age.


I would also like to note that when you create anagrams of the word Easter you come up with some interesting words. One word is a rest, perhaps a rest for those spiritual hearts. Another anagram is arrests and perhaps there will be a lot of arrests when the worlds hearts start to march in March against their oppressors.
So perhaps 2016 will bring the next big financial crisis as the economies contract and expand in eight year intervals and it is eight years since 2008.
Perhaps 2016 will bring us back to life and resurrect our Lord.

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