Why did Jesus walk on water?

The only animals which can walk on water are birds or reptiles.
Is Jesus saying that he is a mix between a bird and a reptile or perhaps birds have evolved from reptiles.

21 May 2012, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA --- USA, Oregon, Klamath Falls,Two Western Grebes (Aechmophorus occidentalis) begin courtship ëdance' in Upper Klamath Lake on spring evening --- Image by © Paul Souders/Corbis

Is Jesus Kukulkan, the feathered serpent? In the mesoamerican pantheons.
Is he Satan?
Is he portraying evolution and not only saying that the bible are stories but that it portrays our actual history.
Did our ancient ancestors get inspiration for the image of Satan or Kukulkan from watching the nature.
Serpents were the most dominant species on this planet over 200 million years ago.
Birds first emerged 150 million years ago.
Are these figures or stories this old.
The serpent would be viewed as the ultimate animal, as it can survive in any environment. It is also a formidable match for any predator, can survive for weeks without food (fasting) and when it gets its wings it symbolises the ultimate in freedom and can also see everything. This is why the feathered serpent was chosen for the image of superiority, wisdom and peace in the ancient world.

Latin is not only a religious language but also the language of science.
Many plants and animal names we take for granted today were first written in Latin. So it is most likely that the bible is referring to historic, scientific and evolutionary knowledge as well as spiritual stories.

Here is the historical piece.
Cain is an anagram of Inca, ba’al who is the father of ancient Egypt is an anagram of Abal. The Jews came from ancient Egypt so clearly the bible is making reference to these pyramid cultures.
In Hebrew sethek means Seth, which is quite similar to Asethek or Aztek.
Ba’al aka Osiris had a brother called Seth also.
Osiris may signify the rise of the sun in the east and Seth may signify the setting of the sun in the west.
Did Seth come from the west or the Americas and preside over his brothers death in ancient Egypt.

American Indians call the great spirit or God, grandfather. According to the bible Seth is the grandson of God, so GOd is Seth’s grand father and this is where American Indians got this name from.


200 million years ago the land mass Pangea had formed and if these pyramid cultures were in existence back then they would have traded with one another through some central point.
Ireland and England could have quite possibly been very close to the centre of this trading point in Pangea.
It is also worth noting that Ireland and Wales have quite unique plant life compared to any other countries in the world.
In the Burren in Ireland there exists plant life which should only be growing in the northern hemisphere along with plant life which should only grow in the Southern Hemisphere, but some how the two uniquely different plant life’s grow side by side. This unique situation is only found in the Burren.
This leads me to believe that Ireland was actually touching several different continents at the same time, once upon a time.
The ancient Egyptians also refer to the land of Punt as the source of all their trade and Punt was the currency in Ireland until the euro came.
Also when you create an anagram of Abal or Ba’al you get Alba, which is another name for Ireland.


The names in the Irish mythological pantheon of Cuchuilain are similar to the names mentioned for Satan, Lucifer and Kukulkan which are all associated with the feathered serpent.
Cuchuilain’s childhood name is Setanta, his fathers name is Lugh the God of light.
These similarities are too close to ignore.
Kukulkan, Lucifer and Jesus are all referred to as the morning star.

Karl Earlson also is of the opinion that Islam was created by Nordic Arabs and that quite a few of the early Islamic Sultans had pale skin and red hair.
My suspicion is that Islam was created by Nordic people and that an Irish figure has played a central role in the creation of every faith.
Esoteric nazis are of the opinion that their ancient ancestors invaded upper India many thousands of years ago and created Hinduism.
These esoteric nazis claim that they are Aryan in race and it is also worth noting that Aryan sounds similar to Eiren, which is another name for Ireland.
Did Seth come from the mesoamerican world, travel to Ireland and teach the people in the northern hemispheres?
Seth in ancient Egypt is referred to as the shining one or dazzler.
Seth in the bible has a son called Enosh and when you rearrange this name you get shone and one, perhaps alluding to the fact that his father was The shining one.

The bible says that all humanity comes from Seth’s bloodline and that he is the only one of Adam and Eve’s sons who’s people survived after the flood.
It is also worth noting that in Hebrew admoni, edom or Adam means red or ruddy, perhaps alluding to the point that Adams bloodline has red hair.
Seth in ancient Egypt is also compared to typhon in the Greek pantheon and typhon has distinctive red hair.

Kukulkan in the mesoamerican pantheons is accredited with bringing language, freemasonry and agriculture to the mesoamerican cultures.
He is also accredited with going to the underworld and making mankind.
Is Kukulkan Seth in the bible? and did he come from Ireland.
Did he teach the whole world and teach the hyperboreans, whom say they created Hinduism.
Is he the first white man.

The Irish contribute the most amount of money to victims affected by disaster per capita.
In my opinion the Irish are the most compassionate race when it comes to helping others and were very influential in missionaries across Africa and Asia.

Is Kukulkan or Seth (Cuchuilain, Setanta) the first compassionate white man or the first Christ?

Perhaps the legendary lost city of Atlantis was at the centre of these pyramid cultures and Ireland was its garden or agricultural centre, as the oldest field system in the world exists in the Ceide fields in Co. Mayo.
These Atlanteans would have enjoyed travelling to every continent with ease and when they lost their city due to the continents breaking up, they would have felt at home travelling. Destined to wonder the world as nomads, teaching the ancient mysteries of Atlantis. It is funny to say that when you rearrange the word nomad you almost get demon. Now perhaps we know who has been truly demonised in this world.
Perhaps after the teachings of Seth many families became wealthy and no longer wanted the public to be educated by the travellers and felt that it was easier to control their civilians actions if it’s people were ignorant and uneducated, so they branded the travellers as demons or people who were not to be trusted.
A major travelling family from Ireland is Ward. I also noted that the ancient Egyptians looked forward to the end times, perhaps they were excited or looked beyond that time, or maybe they would look for Ward the travelling family.
In my opinion the builders of our civilisation in the past created clever word phrasings and anagrams to help them in the future and this is one of the reasons the word set has so many definitions. I believe it might be an attempt by Seth to immortalise his name, only to reveal himself later on at some time in history.

The ancient builders first started preaching compassion in Ireland and England after the fall of Atlantis and I believe that English was first created in the Aztec world, as the Az piece is actually A To Z and tec is an abbreviation of the word technology.
In ancient Egypt, Set i temple has images which are akin to flying aircraft and perhaps he had a vision of what the future could be like.


Many words in the world are a mixture of English and Irish, as many bards and Druids would have worked alongside one another.
It is worth noting that the word Dia in irish is God and that India is actually in God and that it stems from an Irish English relationship long ago.
The word media is also me Dia, which is me God. All fantasy films, sci-fi and cartoons are actually visions akin to what prophets and avatars say they seen in their holy books.
Much of the western media portrays a small character like a leprechaun or hobbit, who is green or has red hair as the saviour or most superior being.
Some examples include Yoda in starwars, Frodo in Lord of the rings, Blanka in street fighter, the Grinch, the Mask and in the fifth element the superior character is a red haired woman.

blanka the_fifth_element_1_by_tanuki_tinka_asai-d6kswrj
Many of the artists within the world are actually influenced by the passing planets and portray what is going on in the world through their art.
In 2012 it was seen as an end of a universal cycle which has influenced mankinds evolution and has brought many new ideas and technologies into the world.
Now the world awaits the second coming of their Christ, I hope it leaves no doubt in your mind as to where he is from.

I believe that in ancient times beings then were very technologically advanced, but ultimately as they ran out of space and resources they went to war with one another.
I think it became apparent that the only way for kukulkans race to survive was to become compassionate towards one another and release his attachment towards material possession.
Cuchuilain created sports like hurling and ultimately mankind have survived not because we’re the most intelligent or strongest, but because we are the most compassionate creature in this universe.
Now at the time of writing this, Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe and perhaps the main reason for this is that we trade in non material services which will never run out, like music, tourism, sport and technological services.

All others who thought they were superior are now running out of space, resources and friends.

Ireland – in real land
Irish – his iris


Click on the pictures below to see evolutionary evidence that a feathered dinosaur lived 99 million year ago.

pyramid              Mayan Calender                  kukulkan              reptile21 May 2012, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA --- USA, Oregon, Klamath Falls,Two Western Grebes (Aechmophorus occidentalis) begin courtship ëdance' in Upper Klamath Lake on spring evening --- Image by © Paul Souders/Corbis


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