Economies take revenue from doctors giving half cures and institutions teaching half truths, so that their patients and students have to come back to pay more.
If someone was to teach people the truth for free, it would devastate economies.

Imagine encouraging everyone to fast to clear their minds, to realise they had a higher intelligence that could fix any problem, what a blow to the food industry that would be or teaching everyone to eat fruit to put more compassion in their hearts to attract better lives. How much of a hit would the stock market take if we all started growing our own food or changed our diets.
We wouldn’t need these false or half cures anymore.

We wouldn’t need bankers or politicians telling us what to do. We would become self sufficient.

Would it be a good thing or would it cause chaos on our streets?

What if someone traced our origins and thought it for free and showed everyone that they didn’t need to go to school or college to see the truth, that the truth was right there in front of everyone.

In the Bible, Quran, Torah, Vedic scriptures etc.

That Cain was Inca, Abal was Ba’al and Seth was Sethek or Aztek and at the centre of them was the garden of Eren, where the (Alba, Albino, white) Aryan and Brehon races originated.

That Ireland was the island in the west where the White Kalki Maitreya resides.

Would this knowledge help the world or destroy it?

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