This is a story of how I struggled too put on weight and build muscle. I have always felt like the skinny guy and used to go down to the gym regularly to try and get bigger.

You hear all sorts of crap from fitness and bodybuilding magazines, like you need to eat a copious amount of meat to maintain your muscle mass or you need to eat x amount of calories.
In my experience everyone is different and what I found worked for me would probably shock a lot of people.
It is only recently that I discovered this new way of getting stronger and putting on muscle.
What I would do is load up on carbohydrates the night before, then the next day fast. That’s right I would stop eating for about 16-20 hours.
Throughout that day I wouldn’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then at about 2 – 5 in the after noon I would feel my stomach really rumbling, then I worked out as hard as I could.
What I found amazed me. I had an endless amount of energy, the only thing that stopped me from exercising any more was the pain in my muscles and bones. A few days later I noticed my muscles had grown significantly bigger than they did when I was taking supplements or taking conventional muscle building advice.
I realised that this was the way all animals got stronger.
No animal exercises until it is hungry.
I guess when you fast there is no energy trying to digest food in your stomach, so all that energy goes back into your muscles and loads them up.
I also noticed my awareness increasing and realised that this was why the bible advocated fasting. Because when you fast your mind clears, it’s almost as if your going into a clearer, higher or God mind.
After exercising vigorously during my fast I would feast on what ever I craved. This is a technique which has worked for me for a long time now.
I would also like to note that when you rearrange the letters in some animal names you come up with some interesting words.
Lioness becomes no lies, monkey becomes key monk.
Were our ancient ancestors looking to the nature for inspiration on becoming better and perhaps they were saying that there are no lies in the animal world, what you see is what you get and also that the monkey is the key monk, the monkey is the one you need to learn from, not some monk preaching something, they’re only the messengers. The true masters of life are the animals.

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