Why did Jesus walk on water?


Why did Jesus walk on water?

The only animals which can walk on water are birds or reptiles.
Is Jesus saying that he is a mix between a bird and a reptile or perhaps birds have evolved from reptiles. Continue reading “Why did Jesus walk on water?”


TF unity


I am not really a person who believed in twin flames or cared about the term in the past but in the last few years I have had strange dreams where I believe I met a person I have always known.
We have not united physically and neither are we in contact but my dreams convince me that we are getting closer.
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GOD is gold

In this post I want to express a revelation I have stumbled upon.

Upon contemplating that India is beside the highest mountain in the world (Mt Everest). I realised that avatars, Guru’s, yogi’s and Buddhist monks are all possibly influenced by the mountains energy and this is how they have been able to attain a high level of spiritual understanding, communication with their divinity or GOD. Continue reading “GOD is gold”