Ireland geology

There is geological evidence to support the idea that Ireland was once two separate islands.
The northern island being part of America and the southern island being further south between Africa and America near the equator.

If their was a civilization once in Pangea and a central city which was part of every continent it is quite possible, that the race that exist in Ireland today were from this central civilization.

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If one half of the island of Ireland was at the centre of Pangea and they are part of a central empire which had ties to all continents, then they are perhaps seen as a race which has all blood in it, and perhaps were viewed by the mainland aryans as seen to be a race who have the potential to be a pure blood Aryan but chose to go back to the terrestrial plane, because they had too many family ties their and perhaps spread their Aryan blood amongst the terrestrial races, which was not looked upon favourably by those who perceived themselves as being of pure Aryan blood.
The Irish at the centre of Pangea would have evolved in a way which can see things from everyone’s perspective, being at the centre of everything in Pangea and perhaps are the people best poised to deal with chaos ensuing from a world which was running out of space and resources. Perhaps these Irish evolved to be the peace keepers in the world, because of the territorial disputes between the kingdoms in Mesoamerica and Africa at the centre of Pangea and now in a world where space and resources are running out again, it might only be the Irish who have an understanding of everyone and are the only ones who understand how to bring peace to the world.
This idea ties in with stories from biblical and mythological scriptures, that the highest Angel mixed his blood or is teaching the terrestrial races, and this is seen as a rebellion or not looked upon favourably by the kingdom of heaven or those who perceive themselves as being of blood pure.
But now in a world where we are fast running out of resources and space we find ourselves competing with our own kind. No longer is their an unexplored continent inhabited by indigenous races. Now white people are competing with each other and they will soon learn that unless they adopt the customs of the Irish or faith that they will soon start fighting with one another and no white race will win because they are all equal. They will expose each other’s lies and the truth will naturally come out and you will see that the race that have ties to everyone are the world teachers who have helped everyone.
This problem we have of the most dominant races competing against one another cannot be solved with our minds, by out witting one another because we are all equal and know each other’s tricks.
This problem of our space and resources running out can only be solved by those who were at the centre of Pangea 200 million years ago. Only they know what everyone needs and what all will agree to as a favourable solution for peace. Only they know the true colours of this entire world.
It’s not that the Irish are superior in any way or that they developed a superior knowledge of the world on their own. I feel that because of their unique geographical positioning in Pangea, they absorbed all the worlds knowledge, and languages, from south and North America, and from India and Africa.
After the break up of Pangea the Irish had a unique understanding of the world because they listened to all sides, from the feathered serpent in Meso-America, to the serpent in Ancient Egypt and India.
The Irish are the supreme or one true reality, simply because they take everyone’s reality into consideration and do not act until they see a solution for all involved.
Because of this unique realistic view point that the Irish hold, they are often seen as negative, procrastinators or opportunists who renege on their responsibilities, but the truth is that we care about everyone and can not find a solution until we know all will benefit from it, and usually this solution is loved and admired by all.


If you image the sun moving along the horizon, this represents different races and their influence in the world.
At the rising of the son we move from darkness to light. This darkness represents a world of chaos where know one supports or encourages each other. It represents the true reality when we run out of resources and space. That those who we thought loved us actually were only their for some perceived material or selfish gain or have to worry about their own survival and happiness and now that we don’t have that material influence any more we find that very few want to help us or are there for us. This is a view point that many Irish and red haired people would adopt and that the solution to us coming out of the darkness cannot be solved by the mind, the blond haired aryan can not solve this problem. The solution is love and forgiveness, to see and know what this world is really like and to forgive and love it again. This role can only be carried out by the red sons and daughters who rise up at dawns horizon. Once these red haired races begin to forgive the world and turn chaos into order and support each other again, only then can the blond Aryan succeed.
The red sun/son is the bridge between the light and the dark, is a flame of light that travels between worlds and sees no difference between heaven or hell or material or spiritual realities, their light of love shines no matter where they go and see that people no matter where they are from, join or follow ideologies for the same reasons, whether they are dark or light, that most people want to feel loved or accepted and don’t really care which side they are on.
The reality is that the nature and the dark haired or dark skinned terrestrial races own half of this existence as their numbers far exceed that of any other race and if we do not find a way of coexisting with them they will not be long showing us their strength and influence in the world.
So we must unite together and find a peaceful solution to all peoples problems.
When you rise up through the chakra’s, from the heart, through the throat and into the mind and beyond. You realise that heaven and hell are the same place and the only reason people perceive this reality as being dual or two sided in nature is that they don’t care about the other side or haven’t listened long enough to see the other sides perspective.
In reality we are all just one big Irishi, ChNa’TaNaCh family at the centre of Pangea who love nothing better than to argue and be different and prove each other wrong.


I image God is like a loving parent that keeps intervening to help its children, but just like a real parent who keeps finding solutions to its children’s problems, where the child learns to take the parent for granted. The child never learns to behave, or stand on its own feet. The child never learns right from wrong and adopts a behaviour where by it always tries to make the parent feel sorry for it and goes to extraordinary Lents to convince the parent/ God that it has all these problems when in reality the only reason it has problems is because the child was never given the chance to change its behaviour or never listened. The greatest thing God can do for humanity is leave it alone and to stop intervening so that humanity can cop on to the destruction it is causing as a result of its ignorance and now GOD is faced with the situation where by it has too many different kinds of children and can not intervene to give one child more power over the other, all GOD can do is raise all its children equally and then wait until they are deemed ready to leave the nest and let them go. Then the parent can move on with their own life.


If you think this post is too confusing or jumps into too many unrelated topics, then now you are beginning to understand the complexities of bringing peace to the world and the problems a perceived GOD might have or our ancient ancestors had.
Perhaps GOD is one entity with a split personality, GOD can’t decide what it is or where it is, because it is said to be everything and everywhere at once. It can’t decide whether its spiritual or an atheist or from heaven or hell or a human or a GOD or some mix of all.
I image humanity has come from this one personality or one parent and are akin to an Ant or Bee colony, trying to figure out the best way forward for the central being. The form which has compassion or listens to all sides is the physical form of GOD or the White or chalky Kalki Maitreya who is on an island in the west, which its ancient name Albe is derived from the word albino or white or Eiren which is where the Aryan name is derived from. Or perhaps he is called kalki because Ireland was once submerged in the Atlantic Ocean in chalky limestone.

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