I am not really a person who believed in twin flames or cared about the term in the past but in the last few years I have had strange dreams where I believe I met a person I have always known.
We have not united physically and neither are we in contact but my dreams convince me that we are getting closer.

I am 4 years into a spiritual growth and I regularly see blue lights now while I am awake.
But I just wanted to share this video with whoever might be interested.

Click below.

The video conveys these two characters who are separated and run toward one another to try to unite, but don’t unite until they reach the summit of a mountain.
The mountain would resemble one I see in my dreams this year and would be the reason mountains are referred to often in spiritual scriptures.
But the summit of the mountain is in the blue part of the sky. Which I think refers to the blue chakra’s, the throat, mind etc.
The clouds are found in the sky and God is often depicted either descending or coming from the clouds.
The video above would tie in with the idea that we don’t physically unite with our other half until we either reach the top of a mountain in our dreams, reach the blue sky or God.

chakra system

This link might explain how every faith is saying the same thing about the blue light or energy we see while we are awakening.

“The blue kachina and the blue chakra Indian”

Click here.

Also look at the music video runaway (u and I) by galantis, the male and female character don’t unite in this video until the purple and green energy are united, which I think would refer to the energy of the crown chakra (purple) and the energy of the heart chakra (green) meet. Which would be between the throat and mind and would be blue in colour and would also refer to union with God or the higher self.


I don’t see the union of twin flames as this lovey dovey Union which is often depicted in mainstream media, rather I see them as two parts of the same entity which are equal but also opposites of one another.

I look to the nature to understand twin flame unions and reflect upon how you can see that a male and female lion are the same species, so they’re equal but that they are also complete opposites at the same time. He is bigger and has a mane or peacocks how they are the same but he is colorful and she is grey, equal and opposite at the same time.
Which are drawn together because of their compatibility and opposing pieces.

male_lions_vs_female_lions peacocks


Like how two magnets can be identical but won’t unite only if they are at polar opposite sides to each other.



I think twin flames won’t unite in a way that u can consciously conceive of, because then u would be able to see how you could gain from the union and this wouldn’t be unconditional love, it would be for selfish reasons.
So it will happen when you don’t want it or are not expecting it.

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