The golden age is beginning in Ireland. Ireland is the centre of the golden age
The tech revolution is about to kick off and Ireland is at the centre of it.

Don’t miss out!

Another reason why Ireland is the centre of everything and why the Christ or kalki Maitreya resides here.

PayPal has the most amount of hq’s in the world set up in Ireland. All the big tech companies are setting up in Ireland, Facebook, Google etc.
To be apart of the golden age join us in Ireland.

Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe in 2015 and 2016.
Irelands economy will grow exponentially as the golden age kicks off.

Ireland Greece growth

Come to Ireland, the land of Setanta aka the Egyptian God Seth.

Set has the most amount of meanings in the English language.
Do you think he did that deliberately to immortalize his name?

How does a word come to have so many meanings?
Was there no alternative at the time of writing it or maybe set is the first word or name ever written.
Seth is also known as the jackal or dog, say dog backwards you get God.
Did Seth create the name God?
Did he find more loyalty or compassion from mans best friend than he did from humanity at the time?
Did he ultimately as Satan realise that humanity were not loyal to him and he could not trust them.
Satan is the Lord of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4). “Thus Saith the Lord” or “thus Seth the Lord”.
Seth, Saith, Satan or Sethanta is the Lord.
Seth is trying to free you from the bonds of capatilism. He is a free man or mason whom is trying to set you free from the capatilists, so you can find your own truth and be who you want to be.

Seth is more than an icon, he is a leprechaun, le pre con or the pre con.
The con before the icon.
Why are the corrupt so happy to demonise this name Satan?
What does it represent to them?

Is he a teacher of self sufficiency and self wisdom who wants to take you away from the politicians and who wants to show you a world where you don’t need banks, a world where you are free to make your own decisions and the capitalists don’t want this.

This is why they are so happy to demonise him.
Demon is nomed or nomad backwards, Sethanta, Seth or Satan is a traveller who teaches the world, he has been roaming up and down this world.
Seth is Setek in Hebrew and when rearranged makes estek, Seth was from the Estek or Aztek world, he is Kukulkan the feathered serpent or Satan and created the alphabet from A to Z, he also envisioned tec or technology many moons ago.

The sun rises in the east (Osiris in ancient Egypt) and the sun sets in the west. Set is in the west, he is Aztec.

The L in Celtic may also be mistaken for an i and Celtic may be ceitic or Setek. Confirming that Seth is Setanta and he frequently travelled through Ireland to reach his brother Aba’al in ancient Egypt. Just like Jesus can be written as Lesus, the letters are sometimes rewritten or mistranslated. Lesus is Lucious or Kukulkan the bright morning star.
Here is The memorial tomb of seti I, notice the objects on the tomb look like helicopters and flying space craft. Seth envisioned a world of technology.


Universal soldier – Seth the computer system comes to life.
universal-soldier.15377 (1)
Lucifer morning star.


Seth seeks retribution for the wrong done and the lies written.

Ireland is the revolution.

The golden age, Satya or Setye yuga.
The age of Seth, the age of truth.

Ireland is where the true wealth is.
Come join Seth to find your fortune.
Your pot of gold is at the end of the tech rainbow.

Newgrange trispiral
Can you see 666?

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