This is how the beginning of the end will play out.

Here is a poster from the Black Sabbath tour, this is their last ever tour and they have named it coincidentally so.

The caption at the top reads “This is the beginning of the end”.




I cut this advertisement out of the Irish Independent.

It depicts the world with the northern hemisphere on fire and a satanic being, most likely Satan himself leaping into the air as if he is leaping for joy.

The advertisement goes on to say that Rival sons will be the supporting act and that the concert in Ireland will be played in the 3Arena on friday 20th january 2017.


But strangely when I held the advert up to the light I could see through it and on the other side was an article on the Orlando shootings, where a young man who was self styled as an ISIS affiliate committed the worst atrocity in American history, where he opened fire and took the lives of 49 innocent people.

Below this picture was the ongoing riot’s at the Euro’s between British and Russian fans and I thought to myself, is this how the beginning of the end plays out?


Where terrorism from the Islamic state sweeps across America while rival sons of Satan hash it out between themselves in Europe.


If you read my previous blogs I go into details how civilisation actually started in Ireland with the names Cuchuilain and Sethanta and that this represents the feathered serpent Kukulkan in the mesoamerican pantheon and Satan in the Bible and the rival sons of Sethanta are the Aryan’s from Eiren to the north and the Brehon or British to the south.

This is the time Satan, Seth or Sethanta has been waiting for, when his sons are too busy fighting one another to notice him and he can tell the truth as to who the teacher of this world truly is. His sons will clash and expose each others lies leaving only the truth, which is the Irish influence in every faith.


The picture above depicts how the world looked 200 million years ago, when the serpent was the most dominant animal on the planet and had started to evolve into a bird (Kukulkan). it shows how the pyramid cultures were positioned in respect to one another and that the land of Punt (land of the Gods) was the center they traded through and that Ireland was its agricultural center or garden as it is referred to in the Bible (the garden of Eren).




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