The ladies are attracted to a male that can help her survive in her natural environment.

In the city or large towns most women are attracted to males who are good socialites or men who demonstrate confidence.

One technique to instantly get a woman’s attention, is to start talking to random girls at a bar. You don’t have to make much conversation with them, just ask simple questions. Like where is the nearest night club or ask for directions somewhere. If the conversation develops from there well and good. Keep making up things to talk about, if not move to the next girl at the bar and ask the same questions.
It doesn’t matter if nothing materialises from talking to these girls.
The main objective is to make other girls think your popular and a good communicator.
After randomly talking to about 3 to 6 ladies you’ll be approached by a girl who will want to be in your company. It’s that simple.
Another great technique when trying to meet that new partner you want, is to eat only fruit for two to three days before you decide to talk to girls or fast throughout the morning and then only drink liquids.

You will notice more women looking at you and expressing an interest in you.
Eating a lot of meat or processed food changes the way you look to people and the vibes you give off, so if you employ a diet of mainly fruits and vegetables for a few days you will notice more women attracted to you.
You will also notice compassion increase inside of you and old passions will come back to you.

Perhaps a passion you had as a child left you as you grew older, well eating more fruit will bring back the passion for your old loves.
Eating mainly fruits and vegetables will also increase your mental abilities and you will be able to learn things much quicker. You can also take in milk and protein shakes. The main aim is to reduce meat intake.
Eventually while on this diet you will meat the right person for you.

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