The Indian flag is similar to the Irish flag, could India mean in Dia or in Irish in God?

Bereshith – be Irish ith.

bereshith is a Hebrew word, which is the first word of the Torah (the first five books of the Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible). It literally means “at/in [the] head” and it may be translated as the phrase “In the beginning




When the sun/ son rises (Osiris) at the dawn (Adawn/ Adam), it is red or orange alluding to the point that the bloodline at the dawn of civilization had red hair.

Adam, edom or Edmoni means red or ruddy in Hebrew. This is the Hebrew word for “man”. It could be ultimately derived from Hebrew אדם (‘adam) meaning “to be red”,

Egyptian God Seth had red hair. Greek monster Typhon is often associated with Seth in ancient Egypt and Typhon has distinct red hair.


Seth is also associated with fishes and donkey’s as is Jesus.

Jesus was born on 25th of December, which is Capricorn and this star sign is the goat which Satan is also associated with.

Seth was the Lord of northern Egypt and this probably encompassed parts of the Middle east at the time and Christianity started in the Middle East.

This is the real reason Jesus and lucifer are both referred to as the morning star, they are one in the same.

The Hamar tribe in Ethiopia also dye their hair red, perhaps in honour of the red haired gods who once lived among them. The Hamar have an ancient custom where the women are ritualistically whipped by their male suitor before they are united. This is seen as a sign of her devotion and strength to her people. In many cultures long ago people would ritualistically whip themselves to show their devotion to their god and live an ascetic life style to help them see deeper meanings into life.

This ritualistic whipping is also evident in Ireland at the time of Lugh the god of light and the Tuatha De Danann.


Adam & Eve/  A dawn & Evening
Day & night
(Morning) day star & night

(Lucifer) Satan & Lilith
(Lugh) Sethan-ta & Lilith

Adam & Eve become a dawn & evening, day & night.
Morning or day star & night
(Lucifer) Satan & Lilith
(Lugh) Sethan-ta & Lilith.

Italian: Alba lo – English: the dawn (Adam or Sethan)

Alba is an old name for Ireland.

In Italian Alba means sunrise & Alba lo means the dawn.


Luke 3:38, Chronicles 1:1-1

and Genises say humanity comes from Seth.

So Saith the Lord or so Seth the Lord.

Satan, Seth or Sethan-ta is the Lord of this world.



When the sun/ son sets (Seth)  in the evening (Eve), it is red or orange alluding to the point that when the galactic alignment sets in 2012 it will be the bloodline with red hair that will become enlightened first.

here are some links which suggests that Jesus, Judas and most Jews had red hair.



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