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This website explores the idea that Irish Bards and Druids have thought the world and much like we have monks in Christianity and Buddhism and Guru’s in India teaching the world today. In the ancient world were Bards who travelled the world teaching humanity.


Above is a map of Pangaea, this is how the world looked 200 million years ago. If we consider that the pyramid cultures in Africa and Mesoamerica existed over 200 million years ago, then we find that all the pyramids would be beside the ocean in this map. I believe that these cultures are this old because they all worship some sort of reptile in their pantheons. Much like how we today worship the image of man as our god because man is the most dominant species on the planet right now. These cultures worshipped the likes of the feathered serpent, like Quatzalcoatl and Kukulkan because the reptile or serpent was the most dominant species 200 million years ago.
At the edge of each continent in Pangaea is a dominant pyramid culture, these cultures are the Inca’s, Mayan’s, Aztec’s and Ancient Egyptians. I find it interesting to note that when you create anagrams of these names you get some striking similarities with the biblical names of Cain and Abal in Genesis. Let me explain, that Inca is an anagram of Cain, Ba’al in ancient Egypt who is the lord in the oldest Egyptian texts is Abal and Aztec or Estec becomes Setec or Satek which in Hebrew is Seth. After researching this and other stories I found striking similarities. I personally became convinced that the bible is saying that the beginning of mankind is with these pyramid cultures.
After researching more on this topic, I found that the ancient Egyptian texts say that they came from the land of Punt. Many modern day scholars and archeologists believe that Punt is in east Africa, as the Egyptians described it as a great trading place where gold, onyx, rubies and emeralds were traded. Scholars argue that east Africa is the nearest place where the ancient Egyptians would have found this sort of wealth and this is where they found it. But my argument is that the land of Punt is actually Ireland, as the currency in Ireland was Punt until the year 2002. Also the above pyramid cultures would have traded with one another as they have similar construction, language, agriculture and religious ideas. The point of trade for these cultures would have been some central point where they all reached each other at similar distances to each other. It is likely that they used boats to trade, as this would have been the easiest way to trade the largest amount of goods. The Punt is also a flat bottomed boat, perhaps another clue as to how these cultures were trading with one another. More strikingly when I created another anagram of the name Ba’al, Who is also known as Bel or Osiris. I got Alba or Ebla, which is an old name for Ireland. It would be astonishing to believe that when the Bible was created, that its authors were ignorant of these monumental cultures. I believe that Jesus, Muhammad and Moses all knew of this history and set out to put it in their scriptures. The Bible, Quran and the Jewish Torah all concur with one another on this beginning for mankind, perhaps the stories have been copied from one another to immortalize our history so we can compare it to find the truth of all our stories.
Another interesting topic I researched was the Mayan or Aztec deity Kukulkan or Quatzalcoatl; he is described as the feathered serpent or a fair skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed man. He is said to have brought agriculture, freemasonry and language to the Mesoamerican cultures. He is also said to return in the end times, much like our figure of the Christ returning to help mankind. What was interesting to me was the description of Kukulkan; it seemed to accurately describe Satan. Kukulkan had wings like a bird or an angel and a serpent’s tail, just like Satan.
When I compared the mythological names of Cuchuilain I discovered some interesting comparisons. Cuchuilain was similar to Kukulkan and his childhood name was Setanta which was similar to Satan and Satan was known as the cherub angel which was the child angel, similar to Setanta being the childhood name of Cuchuilain. I looked deeper into the myth of Setanta and found his father’s name was Lugh the long hand of the harvest or the light. This name Lugh was similar to Lucifer the old name for Satan. These similarities were too close to ignore and I was starting to become convinced that there was an Irish link to many of the faiths in the world.
I started thinking of Lugh and why he was known as the god of light. I tried comparing him to Lucifer to see a deeper meaning and I broke up the name Lucifer to reveal Lugh cipher. The Lugh was the light and the cipher was the code or zero, which is a lot like how I would describe my dreams and my communication with my divinity. I would see lights flashing in my dreams like a light code and I noted how the Mayans said that spiritual growth is associated with lightning in the blood. The Gregorian calendar also starts at the birth of Jesus and this is zero, much like how the cipher is a zero. Over time I started to amass a lot of information with the help of my dreams guiding me and I found that in the bible in Isaiah 14:12 that the one who falls from heaven (Lucifer) is known as the morning star and that in Revelation 22:16 Jesus declares himself the morning star. Also in Latin Lucifer or Luciferu renders to day star or morning star. Kukulkan is also known as the morning star. I got the feeling that there was a big cover up in humanities history and that the religious scriptures were trying to cleverly hide who the actual builders of our civilization were, they were Irish.
I would also like to note that in Isaiah 14:12 it says “how you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn!” and that Adam is also known in Hebrew as Adawn or dawn. So the one who has fallen from heaven is Adams son and that is Seth, who has come from the Aztec world, travelled through Ireland as Setanta and thought in Ancient Egypt as Osiris brother aka the shining one or dazzler Seth. Seth’s son is Enosh and when you create an anagram of Enosh you get shone, confirming that he was the shining one. Seth in ancient Egypt is also known as the Jackal or dog much like how Setanta or Cuchuilain is associated with the hound. Seth is also depicted as the aardvark, which are nocturnal showing his dark side and the aardvark likes to eat ants. Seth eating ants makes Seth ant a or Setanta. This also may sound trivial but aardvark is an anagram of dark Vader and vadar in Dutch means father, so Seth is the dark father and this might be where the character Darth Vader comes from. Movie makers today are blending ancient names together and portraying their history through their films.

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