Poem: holly king

At the fall of the Nile
Two great kingdoms were in turmoil
Many pagans in distress
These two kingdoms gave them rest
To entice these ancient peoples
Rome and Greece spead them fables
One was Christ the other was Kringle

Which cult would make them mingle
Saint Nick or Augustine
Which one would be supreme
Augustine and his lucid dream
Did he contact lugh cipherine
Or was it nick with his tricks
Who brought us the ancient bricks
Two great cults at the same time
Competing over an ancient blood line
Try to change them the world did do
But these ancient pagans were true
To their god of olden times
Their true origin where there was no crimes
To the holly king long ago
Across the ice bridge he brought them slow
The men of cuilleain the shining one
Old Jack Frost who lives for fun
Oh holly king what are you made of
Is it holly or are you holy
What is the meaning of your name
Are you the one who comes again
If you are the shining one
Then you and lucifer must be one
Have you been with everyone
22:16 will reveal your fun
Now Jack Frost I see your near
But what is your intention here
Are you kind or are you cruel
Or are you just here to rule
In the rise of the guardian
You sit on the moon in stardom
I thought this place was only for god
It seems now you have the rod

God is Gold

Why did Jesus walk on water?

For more poems and a great read, click the link to check out Me Dia.


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