3113 bc, the fifth sun was emerging to predominate over the energy of the fifth energy centre. This was a time that the corrupt ancient powers had dreaded. This sun would support those who were great at communicating, musicians, socialites, psychologists etc.

A brahm had awoken to communicate its existence, it was almost as if the world hadn’t existed up until this point. A Brahm had started to name everything, from plants and animals and heaven and earth. Even though the world had existed before A Brahm had awoken in this way, from its point of view it had only just begun.
A Brahm was the father of all nations and had thought all.
All prophetic and avataric sons would come from A Brahm, but there was one who would come directly from his bloodline, and he was the croi, krish or Christ.
Christ had come to communicate his message of heaven on earth, with gifts of communication seen like no other. He was seen in a beautiful blue hue, with a pipe in hand signifying his mastery of communication within the fifth sun.
But he had prophesied the coming of the sixth sun, when he would have all the powers of the sixth energy centre and the ability to conceptualise his dreams and bring them into the real world and build a heaven for all who believed in him.
The sixth sun would emerge at the end of the world, because for there to be a beginning there would have to be an end.
With the emergence of the sixth sun in 2012, Christ had started to awaken.
Up until this point his life seemed quite ordinary.
But then slowly his dreams started to come to life.
In those times, humans inhabited the whole world and had literally reached the end of the world. This would then spark an economic, social and political end game. The corrupt now had no where left to exploit, plunder or run to, they would now face off against their own kind and would be forced to come to a compromise.
2008 had seen the beginning of the end of the fifth sun, and the beginning of the Saint Gerard of Majellan novena on 08th October 2008 signified a global financial crisis like no other. No longer was this communicative energy so dominant, we were now moving into a more logical and rational mind centred energy centre.
By the end of the novena, on the 16th of October we would see the complete end of the fifth sun, between the 08th and 16th of October 2016.
This was a time when the Christ would emerge within the sixth sun, to awaken within the sixth chakra as the physical eyes and mind of God, as the kalki Maitreya.
Now from Gods perspective it had just awoken to truly see and realise its existence.
This awakening would spark the judgement of those who had corrupted Gods word, A Brahm as the supreme judge set up court trials of all corrupt business people. Setye yuga had begun and Gods prophet Seth was set to unfold the truth. Everyone would begin to know that the truth was set. The biggest court case on record was that of a man named Eryan Albanoi.

This was a time when Muslims would see the spark of the end times in the town of Dabiq, Syria and when a manmade object would fall from the sky.

In those times they would speak in tongues and proclaim the name of God in many languages.


Mr Albanoi had worked for a media company called Mé Dia or Medjai which he said was an ancient order which meant I God or one God.

This was the trial of Erian Albanoi.
Mr Albanoi was being tried on numerous convictions, he was accused of demonising any cultural and economic models of self sufficiency which didn’t bode well with his financial or political agenda.
In the past he would rig elections, price fix assets, prohibit the sale of alcohol and even at times go so far as
to prohibit any form of happiness which he could not tax or derive revenue from, like music, entertainment and sport.
The imagery of the goat was also seen as a way of living self sufficiently as the goat provides clothing and food for the people. This image was often demonised and branded as the satanic goat, simply because it hurt Mr Albanois pocket.
Mr Albanoi deliberately infiltrated faiths and institutions in the past and committed heinous acts in their names, all to try and turn the public against the good work of the prophets and avatars.
And when questioned of his destructive practices, he would simply say that the public were complicit in these crimes also and that these crimes were not only being committed in the church and businesses, but in the homes of people too and that to a large extent the general public through a blind eye to these crimes. But now in the light of the sixth sun the truth was emerging, and he and other noteworthy elites were now being put on trial.

but the most serious crime would be that of the murder of a person that know one could identify.

This is Erian Albainoi’s court case.

(Mr Albanoi is called to the stand)

Lawyer: Mr Albani, did you set or put the murder weapon in the car?

Judge Brahm: what is the relevance of your question Mr Garisson?

Lawyer: your honour I’m merely trying to discern whether Mr Albanoi is careless or meticulous, did he put the murder weapon in the car carelessly or did he set it in place purposely?

Prosecution: I object, this line of questioning has no relevance to this case.

Judge: over ruled.
Mr Garrison you may proceed.

Lawyer: thank you your honour.
So mister Albani, let me put it this way. Are you a man who will put or set something in place?

Mr Albani: I don’t understand what you mean? Put and set mean the same thing, what does it matter which way I do it.

Lawyer: Mr Albani are you from the land of set or put?
Do you put or set things in place?

Mr Albani: I would say.

Lawyer: you would say what?

Mr Albani: I would say it depends.

Lawyer: depends on what?

Mr Albani: it’s hard to explain.

Lawyer: please do explain.

Mr Albani: it depends on the circumstance. It’s like if you were at sea or land, your options would be different. At sea your options are limited, because you have less resources, therefore you would set things carefully in place to try and maximise your reward.
But if you were at land (pause).

Lawyer: at land what, Mr Albani?

Mr Albani: at land is (pause).

(Mr Albanoi pauses and considers his next words)

Lawyer: at land is what Mr Albani?

Mr Albani: at land is where you have an unlimited amount of resources, so you wouldn’t be so careful, because you have other options. So you would put things in place carelessly at land.
But at sea you would set something in place carefully.

Mr Albani: on the other hand, the word set could mean anything. It is everywhere, so it can be quite ambiguous. Set could be anything and everything.

Lawyer: nevertheless I think I’m gaining a picture of the type of man you are Mr Albani.

Lawyer: now Mr Albani, you tell me the sun had set when you wear heading home and that your son had set your car in the driveway at this time.
But witnesses report saying they seen your car in town after sunset.
One eye witness can verify seeing a red haired man driving a car which matches your cars description at sunset, but then another reports seeing a black haired man after this.
Can you explain this Mr Albani?

Mr Albani: my son was driving that evening, he died his red hair, he gets bullied a lot because of the colour of his hair, so he Coloured it black to blend in. This was shortly around sunset.

He had been in town that evening, he doesn’t have a full license so he was taking a punt driving my car. The sun is red at sunset, so it might have appeared that there was a red haired person in the car at this time.

Lawyer: what do you mean by the word punt?

Mr Albani: I mean he was taking a gamble.

Lawyer: oh ok, I thought you meant the boat.

Lawyer: A forensic team searched your car thoroughly, and found traces of blood in it.

Mr Albanoi: I don’t know how that happened, I did nothing wrong!

Lawyer: The psychologist Dr Muhamite has also stated that he has done a polygraph test on you and he has concluded that you have not answered truthfully on a number of questions.

Mr Albanoi: I am telling the truth!
The doctor planted that evidence there and is trying to set me up.

Lawyer: I am adamant that you are trying to set Dr Hamite up, and that you are deliberately speaking as if in tongues to confuse and upset this court Mr Albani, are you deliberately trying to split the opinion of this courtroom, and set us against one another?
This is a democracy Mr Albani, do not take us for a bunch of fools whom you think you can set against one another.

Mr Albani: No.

Lawyer: no what Mr Albani?

Mr Albani: no (pause) ah .

Lawyer: cat got your tongue, are you lost for words?
Excuse my French Mr Albani, but this court does not buy bull shit.

Judge: Mr Garrison. Another upset like that and I’ll hold you in contempt of court.

Lawyer: I apologise your honour, I didn’t set out to upset this court.

Lawyer: Mr Albani You said you were sleeping around the time the victim was shot, and you say you woke up at 13:00pm because you heard the church bell ringing and then you heard a bang. How do you know you weren’t still a sleep and those sounds weren’t a dream?

Mr Albani: I was definitely awakened, because everything was so real. More real than it had ever been.

Lawyer: OK and you say you left the house and went outside.

Mr Albani: yes.

Lawyer: are there any witnesses to confirm this?

Mr Albani. There was a gentleman walking by. He came out of know where. He seen me.

Lawyer: and what did you say to this gentleman?

Mr Albani: well at first he scared me so I said oh, sir, is it 13:00pm? He confirmed that it almost was, but that the hour hand hadn’t completed its cycle yet.

(Mr Garrison finishes questioning Mr Albanoi)

(Prosecution questions An eye witness)

Prosecution : how would you describe Mr Albanoi?

Witness: white or albino in colour, perhaps of Aryan descent.

Prosecution: any distinguishing features?

Witness: he had blonde hair and a beard that seemed to be every colour.

Lawyer: Your honour, I would like to invite professor Caucaus Muhamite to the stand.

(A middle eastern man enters the room)

Lawyer: Doctor how do you pronounce your name?

Mr Muhamite: it’s Caucus, the second c sounds like an s.

Lawyer: oh I thought it was Caucaus.

Mr Muhamite: no Couscous.

(Dr Muhamite goes on to explain the evidence he has amassed with his investigations)

(This ends the court case of Eryan Albanoi)

Mr Albanoi and his friends knew that the public aligned themselves with the most popular or most powerful people, to be accepted by their peers or to move ahead in the world. It was a trait of the socialites within the fifth sun. So in presidential elections Mr Albanoi told most of the candidates to direct their answers towards the candidate he wanted to win, thereby making the public believe that his candidate was the most powerful and popular and then the public would automatically elect them on appearance of popularity and supremacy.

Mr Albanoi was also accused of pumping debt into his own economy and making it look as if his countries economy was growing, when in reality the majority of what people owned was all bought with debt.
He would then try to pump more debt into the economy by encouraging the central bank to print more money when the economy was slowing down ,or he would consequently try to pop the Economies bubble by launching a mass media propaganda message of doom and gloom to entice investors and consumers to stop investing and spending money, which would contribute to falling prices so he could buy assets at a reduced price and then sell them off years later at inflated prices when the economy had recovered.

The bigger the economy grew the more debt the central bank would issue.
Not many seemed to question whether this sort of economics was good practice because everyone was happy with all the money they had.
But it was up to the propagandists to keep the veil of secrecy covered, and hope that a major collapse of the worlds economies wouldn’t happen.

When some did look at the terms of their loans or Mortgages they realised that the contracts were illegal under contact law. That many of the loans within the world didn’t satisfy the legal conditions which were expected under contract law and banks couldn’t pursue people legally.

After the trial and judgement of Mr Albanoi, the Kalki Maitreya would then harmonise the worlds energies and integrate with his own energy of the sixth chakra. He had the ability to comprehend all things and would unite all who were lost.

Many of the corrupt elites after this started fighting with each other, because the public had awoken socially and politically over many years, and could no longer be controlled so easily. They started exposing each other’s lies, everyone had expected the Christ to come down from the clouds and pass judgement on the world, and sort the world out, but the world simply passed judgement on itself and started imposing sanctions and limitations on each other.
What most people didn’t realise was that the majority of the judgement in the end would come from the faiths, nations and institutions around the world which God had already created, and they would simply hold each other accountable politically, socially, economically, emotionally etc.

Many children who were born before the sixth sun, would have felt a deep sickness or negativity with their hearts, and would have almost appeared as foolish and retarded to many around them as they grew up, but their task was to embrace the sickness and negativity of the current fifth root race within the fifth sun, take their karma and understand it, so they could move positively as the diamond children within the sixth sun. Although In the past they were seen as very negative and rendered useless by their peers, they would now emerge to show the world that they were in fact the brightest spirits within the universe, they were the children of the sky or air who were watching the world.

The children of the sixth sun would slowly start to realise, that although the fifth sun children were great communicators and could convince you of anything, there was one main Hang-up with them. They were obsessed socially and only considered information which was socially popular and by default they were ignoring vast amounts of discoveries the world had made in the past, from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece etc.
The fifth sun children must have thought the children of the sixth sun were geniuses, but the sixth sun children were simply considering council that the fifth sun children had rejected.

This change over of the Suns was a deeply turbulent and difficult time for the sixth sun children. It was as if they were being subjected to a spiritual winter, where they felt disconnected emotionally, psychologically and spiritually from everything. Everything they tried to do was met with a wave of sadness and depression, even though they had figured most things out psychologically they still couldn’t understand why they felt so unhappy, until they realised that the feelings they were having were not there own but that of the people around them, and they knew that the world was deeply unhappy, but that unfortunately people were willing to trade spiritual happiness for material gain or social inclusion and didn’t want to be helped. But they also knew that know one could amass the knowledge they had unless they felt this negativity they had for so many years of their lives. That no corrupt or evil person could do what they could do, which was to put up with so much sadness and unhappiness for so long, they would simply destroy themselves if they did. The only reason you would be a sixth sun child is if you loved everything. but after the change overs passing everything started to change, Setye yuga was beginning and Seth was set to tell the truth. No longer did the sixth sun children have to figure things out, it was as if they were like birds with spiritual wings, all they had to do was spread their wings and they were carried towards the spiritual truth.
Just like eagles when in the beginning of their lives, they were struggling to take flight amongst the pigeons, not understanding why the other birds couldn’t do and think like them, until one day they truly understood what they were capable of.
From this point on the sixth sun children felt as if this was the only place they should be, because this was where they could achieve all their dreams.
Not in another dimension or in some other perceived heaven, but here on earth and throughout the universe, that with time they could achieve anything they wanted.
Such a feeling made the sixth sun children realise that all the pain and rejection they had endured was worth it, and they could now build the heaven on earth for themselves and loved ones with the aid of the kalki Maitreya, which the Christ had prophesied within the fifth sun.

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