How similar is the Indian and Irish flag in colour?


The L.O.R.D. Is set,an Aryan, albino from Alba or Eiren, is set to be kalki

The Aryan race say they are a white people who invaded northern India thousands of years ago and introduced faith. Did the Aryans bring their flag with them and give it to the Indians.

Alba is an old name for Ireland or Scotland or at times Great Britain and Alba means white in Latin.
Alba is also where the word albino stems from and describes people who have white or pale complexions.
Is Alba where the White Aryan people come from?
Aryan is also similar to Eiren.

Alba means sunrise in Italian and Alba lo means the dawn.
Could Alba, Ireland or Scotland be the dawn of civilization and it is ultimately where the names Adam and Eve come from, in the garden of Eren or Edin (Edinburgh).

The video below explains how the coming christ is from Eiren, Alba or Ireland.

Adam is Adawn and Eve is the evening.  Two opposites, the dawn and eve, morning and noon, (morning star and nun). The sunrise and set, Osiris and Seth in ancient Egypt or the day and night, morning/ day star and night star.

there are a number of symbols and characters referred to as the morning or day star.

  • Kukulkan / Quetzalcoatl the morning star.
  • Revelation: 22-16 (“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright morning Star.”)
  • (“Morning star, most commonly used as a name for the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise. Venus is also the Evening Star”.)
  • Venus: the Morning, Day star and night star.
  • Isaiah: 14-12 (“How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!”) 

Seth is the son of Adam or (Adawn / dawn) in Hebrew, as it is said that he is the only one of Adam and Eve’s sons to survive.

Cain killed Abal, and Cain’s descendants didn’t survive the flood in Noah’s time.

All of humanity comes from Seth’s bloodline.

The word set has the most definitions in the English language, could Seth be Derived from the mythological name Sethanta in Ireland or Set’tainte in America whom might have traveled through Ireland to reach ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptian God Seth is often depicted with red hair.

The golden age or Satya yuga in Hindu and Sanskrit texts might stem from the name Seth and could be SETI or Setye yuga, the age of truth or the age of Seth.

Setanta’s fathers name was Lugh, which might be where the name Lucifer stems from, but these names may not have originated in Ireland at all, and may tell of the feathered serpent Kukulkan in the mesoamerican pantheon, which would be where Setantas name Cuchulain comes from.

Lucifer, Satan and Kukulkan (similar descriptions).
Lugh, Sethan-ta and Cuchulain.


The word Aryan would also stem from the word Eiren and this ultimately is why the Indian flag is the same color as the Irish flag.

The Aryan’s or Eiren didn’t invade northern India, they merely charmed their way through it leaving their stories and culture behind, in a way which no other race has been able to do and when people see Aryan traditions in Hindu culture, they can only come to the conclusion that India was invaded.
When in reality I feel that the Indians fell in love with the Irish culture and traditions and this was ultimately why the British had to keep re-invading Ireland at the time of British occupation, because it’s colonists had succumb to the Irish charm and started adopting the Irish culture and names.

It is also worth noting that when you rearrange the word Venus, you get vesnu, which could be where the name Vishnu (the preserver) in India comes from.

Could India mean in Dia? Meaning in God in Irish and is also where the word media stems from (me Dia – I God) and it points back to an earlier tradition where English and Irish United or Brehon and Eren, Britain and Aryan, Druids and Bards were one.

Everything in the media is a vision from God, whom is telling us what state the world is in and what we need to do to fix it.

The fifth element is a sci-fi film released in 1997, which depicts the main or superior character as a red haired woman.


Street fighter is another sci-fi film where the superior or strongest character is green with red hair (Blanka).

blanka                                                                                click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you  to read more about Blanka.

A future vision of the kalki Maitreya in Hindu and Sanskrit texts prophecises for him to be a white teacher on an island in the west.

(Kalki, calcite, calcium – white)
(Irish: cáilce – English: chalky)
(Irish: bán – eng: white)

Where else would he come from?, only from the island which means white (Al bán or Alba).
He is said to come from Shambhala village.

Shambhala backwards is alahbmahs, could it be alabbahs or Alba.

The Rishi are noted to be high ranking poetic sages in India.
Could the Rishi in India be Irish.







For a great read, which explains why everything has come from Eiren.

Alternately you can click the link here to read passages in the book Mé Dia.

Ireland – in real land
Irish – his iris

Things are said to not exist or not be real until the coming of the Kalki Maitreya. He is in real land or Ireland.

Maitreya translates as my or I am, tree or 3, eye. My 3rd eye or I am 3rd eye. Whole eye (holi) or his eye, his iris or Irish.

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