I was reading about Greek and Roman creation myths trying to see if there’s a link to Ireland.
I noticed a name Alba longa in the myth, I typed Alba or albe into Italian translater it translates into sunrise or sunrises. Alba lo is the dawn. Funny how that’s also an old name for Ireland.

Strange also how Osiris and Ba’al are the same person in ancient Egypt. Rearrange Ba’al and you get Alba or Abel and Osiris would be similar to the rise of the sun. The ancient Egyptians also say they come from the land of Punt and describe it as great trading place, I wonder was their currency the Punt?
The sun rises in the east (Osiris in ancient Egypt). The sun sets in the west (Seth, Sethek or Aztek in the west).
Is Celtic ceitic or Setek, the root of all languages. Civilization started with Sethanta and diverged both north and south founding the cities of Belfast and Dublin.
The northern branch identify themselves as Eiren or Aryan and the southern branch are Brehon or Britain.
Another interesting Italian name is Barbarossa, the Barbarossa brothers are accredited with founding Islamic settlements in Northern Africa.
Barba is beard and rosso or Rossa is red. Barbarossa means red beard and may also be where the name barbarian comes from. It is an attempt to demonise the northern Aryan race by the southern Brehon or British.
It is only in the latest century or so that the name Satan has become senonymous with evil, when the British began colonising the world.
Satan is ha-Satan in the Old Testament and is seen as a challenger who is doing a job for God. The name Satan possibly stems from Santa or Sethanta, from the Aryan world and is seen as a saviour.
It is only recently that the British have tried to demonise him.
I wonder are the words evil or devil, actually evol or devol and it is where the words evolve and devolve stem from. All faiths and institutions have devolved from the devol, Satan or Sethanta, it is the central government which had to split up to become more democratic. Evol or devol is also love or loved and Satan or Ba’al are depicted as green creatures which is also the colour of the heart chakra.
Deval means divine or holi in Hindi.
This is the real reason Britain still have control over Northern Ireland. Eiren or the Aryan race are the only real credible threat to British global rule.

The ancient Greeks also call Mother Earth Gaia, is this a reference to Pangaia? Are the Greeks alluding to the point that there was a civilisation in existence 200 million years ago. The serpent would have been dominant on Earth at this time and mammals would have first emerged here. Did the symbolism for the feathered serpent Kukulkan or Satan come from the observation of the earth 200 million years ago in Pangea. Ireland could have theoretically been at the centre of Pangea and this is why Eiren has become so influential today.

200 million years ago Ireland was the trading centre of the world and absorbed everything the world had to offer and this is why Eiren ultimately became the world teacher.

4 thoughts on “Alba – sunrise (Aba’al Osiris)

    1. Cheers for the comments, I must look deeper into the Italian language, as it would have absorbed all the European, middle eastern and North African languages because of its position in the world.


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