In this post I want to express a revelation I have stumbled upon.

Upon contemplating that India is beside the highest mountain in the world (Mt Everest). I realised that avatars, Guru’s, yogi’s and Buddhist monks are all possibly influenced by the mountains energy and this is how they have been able to attain a high level of spiritual understanding, communication with their divinity or GOD.

The precious metals in the mountain clear negative energy and influence their energy centres.
Hindu spiritualists also put certain gems in their turbans to activate and influence their energy centres.

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It is also the reason Moses in the bible reports climbing mount Sinai before communicating with GOD.
It is also expressed in the Quran That the prophet Muhammad also received his first revelation from archangel Gabriel in a cave on mount Hira, located on the mountain called Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca. Quran 53:4-9.

The following verse expresses the journey Moses made before being able to communicate with GOD.

Exodus 19 the message.
Mount Sinai 19:3-6
“As Moses went up to meet GOD, GOD called down to him from the mountain”

The reason they seem to be able to communicate with GOD more easily on a mountain, has been reported by occultists or spiritual commentators. That the precious metals and gems within a mountain have particular vibrations which clear negativity from chakra’s or energy centres and help people communicate with their divinity more easily.

It is also the reason the ancient Egyptians and royal families can be seen in hieroglyphics and pictures adorned with jewellery. Precious metals like gold and silver make it easier to reach the higher mind and is also the reason the seventh chakra is referred to as the crown chakra. A king or queens crown is adorned with gold and diamonds which activate the energy centres.

It is also worth noting that using precious metals and gems is not an eternal or sustainable way of communicating with GOD as these metals are in limited supplies and the overuse of them may have lead to wars, but may be away with which we can communicate with GOD until GOD gives us a more sustainable way of communication.

This is also one of the reasons ancient cultures built pyramids, as they are an imitation of the mountain and the ultimate expression of devotion to what these cultures perceived as GOD or the higher self.

It is also worth noting that the word silver may be derived from the word siibher and may be sipher or cipher, referring to lugh cipher as silver is often associated with the moon and things lunar.

The word gold may then be derived from the name GOD and may have been written as GOID and still may be in certain languages, and it may refer to how certain cultures were communicating with GOD.
I also believe that the word diamond may come from the Irish word for GOD, and may be Dia mound or GOD mound or mountain.

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So if you are on a journey towards GOD, you may want to contemplate wearing Precious metals and gems.

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